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How To Draft Our Idea Properly

A good idea would be difficult to understand if it’s not written correctly. The message of that idea requires a proper writing structure. Here on this article, I share my opinion on how to conduct my ideas so later on its easy for me to write it properly. This structure is quit similar with the Journal/Proceeding paper format.

In my observation, if I able to follow every steps below, I found that my ideas have more clear and tidy content of draft to be written as a resourceful article. Hence, if I were you, I will draft my idea in this way:

Step 1. To Start With

  • Reestablish my writing topic (what is the motivation behind)
  • What is my objective (what is the proposed solution)
  • How did I run this idea/project (same like a methodology)
  • Brief findings and conclusion

Step 2. Status Quo

  • What is current scenario/phenomenon in this article (broad)
  • Restatement of the problem statement (motivation)
  • What is the important of this idea/project

Step 3. Related works/reviews

  • What is current trend in this issues
  • Is there any previous related researcher finding in this area? Discuss it
  • Critical analysis on the previous work
  • Solution formulation based on the previous related works.

Step 4. Methodology/Mechanism

  • I will present it in any “drawing” scheme (flow chart, chart, table, diagram, mapping etc)
  • I will explain the figure in details
  • I will also state the equipment that I have been used

Step 5. Discussion

  • I will discuss in details all the findings. What is the main findings (result).
  • I will check the achievement with the objectives, is it succeed or partial succeeded or what?
  • I will also discussed if there any failure(s) – why does it happened and how to improve?

Step 6. Conclusion

  • I will write it very brief based on the objectives

Step 7. Acknowledgement/References

  • I will express my thanks for those help me along the way
  • I will cited related books, journal paper, proceeding paper, technical report, website etc as my references

Based on seven steps above, a decent ways on writing of my ideas imparted a resourceful article that worth to being read off.

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